Peloid mud

Peloid medicinal mud is located at Queen’s Beach in Nin. This is the largest site of this mud in Croatia. For centuries it has been used for treatment of different rheumatic disorders, sciatica, arthritis, and also for skin diseases and infertility in women.


Peloid mud consists of humus and minerals formed after desintegration of different plants through years by geological, biological, physical and chemical processes in salty sea of shallow lagoon.

Every year thousands of people, many of which have alleviated or completely cured their diseases, visit this place. The use and the extraction are free and accessible to all. Since it is being extracted from its natural environment, it’s always fresh and high quality.

How to use Peloid mud

Therapy normally lasts for about 20 days in a way that every day the sick spot is coated with a thin layer of mud, then you lay down on the beach and dries the coated spot in the sun approximately 35-40 minutes and after you wash it in a warm shallow sea. Sun is important factor.