Bird watching

Over 250 rare and endangered species, especially birds live in Nin.

The work of sediment, salinity, as well as the specific plants which grows in the lagoon of Nin and salt works create a habitat for an interesting and varied bird and animal world adapted to these conditions.


The salt park in Nin is the habitat of a varied plants, birds and animals. The south European toothcarp, a fish 6-7 centimetres in length can live in very salty water, the sea and freshwater.

Of the varieties of birds the most well known are: Little Egret, Kentish Plover, Kingfisher and the Black-winged Stilt.
This unique habitat will surprise all bird lovers and birdwatchers with its specific features and leave them spellbound by its particular beauty. Educational programmes, guides through the habitats, the informative pathways and the explanation of flora and fauna will guide you through the habitat.