Queen's Beach

Queen’s Beach is the most known and the largest beach in Nin, with the length of 3 km. It is streching from Nin on South-East site to village Sabunike on North-West. It is also known under the names of “Ninska Laguna Beach” or “Pliša”  which is used only by locals.


Beach type is sandy, and by its configuration and style the beach reminds on caribbean beaches, which is very rare in Croatia.

Because of shallow lagoon water the beach is very suitable for families with small children. It has coffe and snack bars, free showers, voleyball playgrounds. For a fee you can rent beach chairs, but you may also bring your own, and pedal boats.

As a part of this beach there is also a healing mud Peloid. You will see many people, on the beach, covered with this black mud as part of their therapy or just for fun.

Street View